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Case Studies - Mould Tool, Design and Manufacture

The brief

Customer: Davall Scotland Ltd
End user: Flymo
Description: Pulley over-moulding for rotor drive shaft .
Polymer type: 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6/6 - (very abrasive)

Key Customer requirements:-

* 2 cavity mould tool to be made with fully hardened inserts.
* 12 week delivery.
* Drive shafts to be loaded and component unloaded by robot.
* Tool to fit Neggri Bossi 250 Tonne Injection moulding machine.
* The tool would require a precise shut out and take account of shaft O/D variation.
* Required cycle time 40 secs. incl. robot loading and unloading.

This project involved the production of a precision tool for the manufacture of an over-moulding for a lawn motor drive. Flymo is proud of its reputation as a manufacture of quality consumer machinery and the mould tool therefore needed to be highly durable and easy to produce on an automated production line.

Design Criteria

The project team listed all the criteria that had to be met for the successful loading of shafts into the cavity, over-moulding the component and unloading of overmoulded shaft.

From the initial brainstorming session the critical design path evolved;

- Clearances for robot head access to the tool.
- Variation in shaft diameters to be considered
- Carrier and location design to permit accurate shaft loading and final position prior to moulding.
- Tool safeties.

The Process

- Customer order
- Tool Design review
- Production of general artworks for customer review
- Consideration and implementation of further changes
- Finalisation of tool layout and written approval
- Raise Works Order documentation
- Produce Manufacturing timing plan
- Weekly progress meetings to ensure timely delivery
- Tool assembly and shut out testing
- Supply tool to customer for mould trial
- Samples inspected
- De-bug not required
- Project Complete