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The brief

Customer: Bourns Electronics
Description: FORD A.C. (Heater controller): 3 individual components required for assembly
Polymer type: Gelon and 15% GF Nylon 6/6

Key Customer requirements:-

* Single cavity prototype for an eventual 4 cavity finalised mould, to be made with fully hardened inserts.
* Pascoe Engineering to mould components to prove concept and tool accuracy and material shrinkages on prototype cavity.
* Dimensional accuracy
* 8 week delivery for prototype cavity
* A further 8 weeks for 4 cavity tool completion
* Tool must fit 25 Tonne Injection Moulding machine.
* Required cycle time 25 secs. max.

This project entailed the production of three, 4-cavity mould tools for the manufacture of a dashboard temperature control dial for an end-client in the automotive sector. The customer had initial designs for the components but required advice on gating for dimensional stability.


When producing a multi-part precision component, the mould tools require to be produced to exact tolerances so that there is minimal cumulative error. The availability of our in-house mould shop, tool shop and injection moulding facility allowed us to:

1) Produce single cavity prototype tools in soft metal, injection mould, and make adjustments as necessary.This is especially important where the production of a multi-part precision tool is concerned, and a quick response to alterations is needed.
2) Produce working prototypes in 8 weeks for shipment to America for verification.
3) Produce 4-cavity fully hardened tools for manufacture.

The Process

The team at Pascoe Engineering worked on the design of the moulding through to the supply of the finished part.

- Customer order
- Component design and Tool Design review
- Pascoe Engineering makes a number of suggested changes to simplify the component for mould manufacture. These would have benefits for both tool price and lead time
- Changes authorised by the customer
- Production General artworks for customer review
- Consideration and implementation of further changes
- After the single cavities were completed and sampled, alterations were made to improve the assembly of the mating components. We used the actual sizes obtained to calculate actual material shrinkage for improved component accuracy in the 4 cavity version
- Finalised tool layout
- Raise Works Order documentation
- Produce Manufacturing timing plan
- Weekly progress meetings to ensure on time delivery
- Tool assembly and blue out using tool try out press
- Mould trial to prove tools
- Samples inspected
- Full dimensional report obtained and capability study applied to critical dimensions
- De-bug and correction as required
- Project Complete

This was Bourns Electronics first major project with Pascoe Engineering. They were satisfied with the results and have decided to make us their primary supplier for new moulds and repairs.