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Case Studies - Sub-Contract Injection Moulding

The brief

Customer: Polaroid
End user: Polaroid Hardware Division
Description: Filter Holder Lens Fitment
Polymer type: ABS

Key Customer requirements:-

* Single cavity mould tool, to be made with pre-toughened inserts
* Dimensional accuracy
* High aesthestic finish
* 8 week delivery
* Tool to fit 25 tonne injection moulding machine
* Required cycle time 25 secs

This brief required the complete production of a 3-D camera housing, where the finished part would serve both a decorative and assembly function. Polaroid is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cameras and the finished component would therefore need to attractive and highly durable.

Production Criteria

The aesthetic look and the precision of the assembly would be equally important to the finished product.

Though the design came from Polaroid, Pascoe would need to produce the design for the mould using to a combination of 3-D design software including Pro-engineer and DelCam to ensure the correct finishes.

Pascoe Engineering would provide a one stop service: tool production and injection moulding. The advantages of providing both services in-house are:

1) one point contact for the customer for both tool and mouldings
2) no lengthy delays or disputes between moulder and toolmaker
3) quick response to modifications and supply of samples

The Process

The team at Pascoe Engineering worked on the design of the moulding through to the supply of the finished part.

- Customer order
- Tool Design review
- Production of general artworks for customer review
- Consideration and implementation of further changes
- Finalisation of tool layout and written approval
- Raise Works Order documentation
- Produce Manufacturing timing plan
- Weekly progress meetings to ensure timely delivery
- Tool assembly and blow out using tool in our in-house injection moulding press
- Mould trial
- Samples inspected
- De-bug not required
- Review of packaging requirements and component quality issues
- Tool sampling
- Full inspection report on component supplied
- Component submission and Customer approval of parts
- Tool sign off , "Ready for Production"