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Pascoe Engineering is one of the first companies to approach regarding the moulding of engineering components to exacting tolerances. Working as a close team, we combine the best technology, with a highly trained workforce in a medium capacity plant. This means we are able to offer our customers significant economies of scale, as well as a high level of personal service.


Milling machineIn the early years, Pascoe Engineering built its reputation for quality in the skill intensive business of Investment Casting Tool Manufacture. This rigorous commitment to quality now extends to the design and manufacture of mould tools for the Injection Moulding industry.

Our engineering and production staff are highly trained and all tools are manufactured and finished to precise tolerances.

For more details about this service see the case study.


We offer full CAD/CAM facilities and our team of designers and engineers have the requisite experience and expertise to provide engineering advice about manufacturability before a tool is made.

As an additional service, we can offer our customers a full ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reports) which will highlight any error or deviation in design or production. From these we can then make further adjustments before the mould tool goes into production.