Oil & Gas Industry

Over the last 10 years Pascoe have forged strong links with the global oil and gas industry.

Our additional investment in large capacity CNC manufacturing technology has given us the ability to machine a range of heavy duty downhole components and assemblies.

Our expertise in investment casting has allowed us to identify alternative manufacturing methods for existing oilfield technologies. As a result we have helped clients significantly reduce manufacturing costs and lead times.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Pascoe have strong links with the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Over the years we have liaised with a number on different organisations to develop a range of medical solutions.

These include everything from injection moulded stent manipulation tools to titanium skull plates.

High End Consumer Electronics

Pascoe have a long history of designing and manufacturing components for the high end consumer electronics industry.

This can be anything from intricate facia panels incorporating buttons and printed graphics to heavy duty machined speaker stands.

Communications Industry

Pascoe have worked with a number of leading communications companies over the years.

Projects have included everything from injection moulded mobile phone housings to specialist rubberised printed keypads.

Automotive Industry Components

Our long association with the automotive industry has seen us manufacture a multitude of components.

Projects have included injection moulded steering column components, gear shifter mechanisms, fuse boxes and a multitude of buttons and illuminated switches.

Industrial & Electrical Components

Pascoe manufacturing expertise has also been utilised by the Industrial & Electrical components industry.

Pascoe has years of experience in the process of injection moulding plastic onto existing metal components (overmoulding) and can also carry out the application of graphics via Tampo printing.

Research & Development Collaborations

Pascoe has been involved in a number of projects with local research organisations, helping with the development of specialist tools and prototypes.

With Glasgow and Paisley Universities it has helped in the design and development of a prototype disk for scanning blood samples, and the development of prototype heart valves.

Another project involved the modification of a plastic feeder for medical patients, to ensure that the correct quantities of medicine are given.